The Journalist:

My name is Charlie Milward and I am a final year Multimedia Journalism student at Bournemouth University. I have developed a strong interest in radio over the past two years, and this has inspired me to create a seven minute radio documentary for my final year project. I will also be keeping a blog, incorporating multimedia content to provide you, the public, with the vital information about this sensitive topic.

The Project:

‘Cutting the Ties’ is a multimedia project focusing on the impact of social media on young estranged adults (16-25 year), and whether this technological dominance in society means that the contact is never fully lost. Over the next four months, I will be creating a radio documentary (targeted at BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat) exploring this sensitive issue that 1 in 5 families are affected by. I will be exploring the situation from both sides of the divide; an young adult who became estranged from their parents, whilst also speaking to parents who were left asking ‘What did I do?’. This is a sensitive issue, however with statistics stating that the situation is not as unique as many would think, I do think it is a subject that needs considerable attention. I hope to gain an understanding of how an individual is left feeling once the separation is made and what impact the situation has on future relationships.

If you would like to be involved with the project, please send an email to cuttingtheties@outlook.com . I would very much appreciate your involvement. To keep updated with the projects progress, please follow on Twitter and like the projects page on Facebook.