Progress Report 06.01.2017

Source: Pixabay- Unsplash

It’s the start of a brand-new year and by this time next week, Cutting the Ties will be live and ready for broadcast.

It’s been an extremely busy few weeks as the final pieces of the project come together. Not only have I been adding additional multimedia to the blog, including a collection of short videos explaining what estrangement means, but I have also been putting together all the paperwork needed for submission.

This includes the justification that I mentioned in the previous progress report. The justification is an academic piece of work, where I outline why I chose to explore estrangement, how I have made the documentary appropriate for my target radio station (BBC Radio 1) and what were some of the biggest challenges I faced while creating the project. Writing this has allowed me to reflect on all the work I have done over the past three/four months and examine how I have put my journalistic skills and ability to the test.

Also, the interviewee features have undergone an update whereby soundbites of the interviews have now been added to each one. Audio that will not be used in the documentary has been added to make as much content from the interviews available. Emily Nelson’s contribution from Stand Alone unfortunately did not make the final cut, simply due to timing issues. However, you can hear what Emily had to say here.

The results of the survey that I created over a month and a half ago are now available for you to read here on the blog. Analysing the responses gave a great insight into what the public know of estrangement and how they feel social media plays a part. It was interesting to learn that over 50% of respondents do believe that social media has a key role in keeping the contact active. This was one of my main aims to explore; how the digital age has an impact on an issue that is ever increasing in our modern society. Social media not only allows you to connect with people you know, but also provides an individual with the ability to have an insight into someone’s life, whether ‘friends’ or not.

In the next week, the project will be submitted and will go live here on the blog… so stay tuned.

For now, remember you can follow all the progress on the project here on the blog, on Twitter and like the projects page on Facebook.


Feature image by Unsplash sourced on Pixabay 

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