The Young Adult: Anna – In her words

image of a lonely girl. Source: Pixabay by Unsplash

“No one really knows my story… unless I’m with friends. I just say I don’t have a father.”

Anna is a young adult living in the UK. Like every other twenty-year-old, she goes to university, she meets up with friends and also balances working a part-time job.

But behind all this, Anna’s family life is a little more complex.

Due to the sensitivity of the issue being discussed, Anna’s real name has been changed and her voice has been modified to protect her identity.

This is Anna’s Story…

Although Anna does not have feelings or and urge to contact her father, the idea of a complete family makes her feel something altogether…

What is life like being as a young adult, estranged from a parent?

“Living in the UK makes me more open minded.”

Like most young people in the UK, Anna is very active on social media, but it has had an impact on her estrangement with her father:

“I’m looking at this person’s profile and I’m like, one of them could be my dad.”

Anna does not see a future with her father…

To hear Anna’s story in ‘Cutting the Ties’, remember to listen to the documentary when it is broadcast in January 2017.

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Feature image by Unsplash on Pixabay 

Feature image in SoundCloud audio block by Sasint on Pixabay


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