Progress Report: 27.11.2016

Source: Pixabay- Unsplash

The editing process has begun.

This week, I sat down and began to edit the interviews I have already conducted for the project. I have begun to pick out the relevant information from each of the three characters I already have. As the documentary is only seven minutes, that does not leave a lot of time for each interviewee to speak and therefore, the content they say must be relevant. It is going to take some time, with the first interview taking over four hours to break down.

To interact with my followers on social media, I created a survey this week to try and grasp the consensus around the topic ‘Estrangement’. The survey was compiled of ten short questions, each designed to see how well the public understand the subject. Once I have enough feedback, I will analyse the responses and then incorporate these figures into my documentary as well as posting up the results on the blog. This allows the audience to play their part in the final piece. If you have a spare two minutes, please take the survey by clicking on the link here.

As the project is focusing on young adults going through the process of estrangement, a percentage of this focal group are likely to be students going to university. This week, I wrote a piece/guide on how students are affected and in what ways they can get support to help them at this challenging time. You can read all about it here.

Finally, Stand Alone UK celebrated their third birthday this week. Stand Alone are the only charity in the UK to help those who are going through the process of estrangement. The charity does incredible work and the impact they have had on people going through the process is amazing. The charity released a new ‘Impact Report’ to coincide with their third birthday.

Next week is another busy one for the project. As well as continuing with the editing process, I will also be going to London to interview the Chief Executive of Stand Alone, Becca Bland, to talk about why she set up the charity and to discuss her own personal story.

Remember, you can follow all the progress here on the blog, on Twitter and like the projects page on Facebook.


Featured Image by Unsplash sourced on Pixabay

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