Progress Report: 20.11.2016

Source: Pixabay- Unsplash

What an insightful week. Another two interviews have been conducted, one with psychologist Dr Jason Robinson and one with a parent who is going through the process of estrangement.

This week, I have completed a mismatch of tasks.

In terms of editing and thinking about putting together the structure of the documentary itself, I have had a look at my music choice. As I am basing my documentary on the style of BBC Radio 1, I need to incorporate music throughout the piece as a bed. BBC Radio 1 like to use music that is currently in the charts, however, as I do not have the budget to buy the copyright of these particular songs, I need to look into what royalty free music I can use. I came across various instrumental tracks appropriate of the solemn and reflective tone that I am trying to achieve. Music must come secondary to action, however, it is also used to encourage an emotional response from the audience. The music needs to be instrumental as the voices of the subjects and the presenter need to be heard. I also need to try and locate various tracks as BBC Radio 1 documentaries tend to change track along with the change of character.

As I am devising the piece for the BBC, I also took it upon myself to read and make notes on the BBC’s ethical guidelines. Although not all the content was necessary to read, there were certain sections that I needed to educate myself on as to know how to portray that issue in my piece. For example, I need to ensure that my piece is accurate, impartial, and I adhere to their requirements on privacy, amongst some other points. However, it is knowing how to apply these values in the right way as accuracy is not just about getting the facts right, but making sure that you weigh up and consider all avenues to get to the truth.

On Tuesday, I travelled to London to interview psychologist Dr Jason Robinson and you can read about the interview in more detail here.

I have also listened to more examples of the BBC Radio 1 documentaries this week, to try and understand how they structure their programmes to try and replicate the style for my piece. I want to ensure that I can understand the format before I begin editing my piece together so then I can create a documentary which would be suitable to broadcast on the radio station.

On Wednesday, I had my weekly Skype tutorial with my supervisor. We discussed how I was getting on and what else I could do to further enhance my project. One of the key thoughts that my supervisor left me with was to try and find a case study of a young adult who is estranged from their parents, and then get an interview from the parents of this child. He suggested that this would give the documentary more balance and a greater story to follow throughout the piece instead of telling two separate stories.

Although this would be a great narrative in the piece, to try and get a young adult and a parent from the same family is difficult as one may want to speak, whereas the other may need more time or may not want to speak about their experience at all. If I can not achieve this result, I still want to give balance so I will state in the piece that I have tried to contact the relevant parties, which I will do, but that I have not received a response.

Over the weekend, I conducted an interview with a mother who is going through the estrangement process. This interview I have had planned for several weeks now and although I want to follow the guidance of my supervisor, I think that this would be a great story to incorporate if I cannot get a young adult and parent from the same family.  You can read all about it in more detail here.

Now I have three interviews down, this week, I will begin the editing process. Although I do not have all the characters yet, I can begin to break down the interviews I already have and select out the key information which is most relevant. This is going to take some time, but hopefully by the time I get to my last interview, I will have the majority of the others edited and then it is just about putting the content in a relevant order.

Remember, you can follow all the progress here on blog, on Twitter and like the projects page on Facebook.


Featured Image by Unsplash sourced on Pixabay

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